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Dear Supporters,

With everything that has gone on during 2020, making it feel like an eternity, I am astonished that we are almost to the end of this historic year. This crazy year has been a busy one for The Clinic Vest Project. Between the medical fallacies repeated by the current administration and COVID19, our small but mighty nonprofit kept up with the demands of our clients who are experiencing not only an increase in the number of anti-abortion/anti-choice protestors invading their clinics, but willfully dangerous groups of protestors who refuse science (well, they are anti-choice, after all….) and will not comply with local mandates to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during a global pandemic. As an active clinic escort, I have witnessed some of the most malicious behavior by protestors I have seen in my nearly ten-years on the sidewalk.

 Rather than dwell on the incomprehensible year, I want to focus on our indispensable donors who have kept us going during this nightmare. Due to the pandemic, obviously CVP was unable to participate in the city’s summer festivals, which we have come to rely on as our annual summer fundraising events. Thanks to the generous donations from all of you, we have been able to keep up with the latest demands for vests. Also because of you and our wonderful manufacturer friend, we were able to send out a one-time order of matching masks to our clients as a thank you. For their loyalty, we provided another layer of protection for their clinic escort volunteers. Much to our surprise, the masks were a hit and we have been able to restock them for our clients during the pandemic, thanks to your charitable donations and our t-shirt sales. We will continue to provide masks to our clients during COVID19 as our funds allow.

As we approach Giving Tuesday, we are asking for a donation of any amount as every single dollar received is spent on purchasing and sending vests to our wonderful clients. A donation of $10.00 by every donor would let us end our year on a positive note and let us continue to keep clinic escort volunteers safe during their time at their clinics protecting patients. Our Board still serves without compensation and all the work of our nonprofit (ordering, receiving, packaging and shipping) is done by us without cost to any clinic or group.

 We love and appreciate each and every one of you! You are our lifeline as a nonprofit and something we never take for granted!

 Much love,

 Betsy Schaack, VP of The Clinic Vest Project, on behalf of our grateful Board, Benita, Katie, Andrea, Jay, Lindsay, Elaina and Adrienne

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