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The mission of the Society is to connect people to Coastal Georgia’s dynamic history through the stories we share and the collections we preserve.

In 1965, a small group of local residents formed the Society with an ambitious vision: to lead in the preservation of the artifacts and buildings that are the treasures of our coastal heritage. Their goal was to match the best historical societies in existence. The momentum and enthusiasm generated in the Society’s first year has never abated.

Today, as owner of the St. Simons Lighthouse, the A.W. Jones Heritage Center, and custodian of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling and Historic Coast Guard Station at East Beach, the Society has become the guardian of Coastal Georgia history and a driver of heritage tourism. These sites are essential pieces of our collective history. They are also alive with vibrant interpretation of our cultural resources, telling our coastal story through tours, lectures, exhibits, and other educational programs.

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Coastal Georgia Historical Society Inc

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