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Collective Impact is a community-based nonprofit in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco. We are dedicated to providing youth, families, and programs the tools and resources they need to succeed. We exist to ensure that our young people know they are valued and seen, and to create enriching experiences and opportunities. 

All of our programming, events, and field trips are free to our youth participants and their families, but they are not cheap. It takes tremendous support and sacrifice to make these things happen. You can help! 

Consider making a donation today, and become a part of an underserved child's Bridge to Success!

Collective Impact as we know it today began in 2007, as a small afterschool program serving 40 students grade 4-8. In 2011, the Mayor’s Office asked Collective Impact to partner with Mo’MAGIC, a program from the Public Defender’s Office, to provide K-12 summer programming at Ella Hill Hutch Community Center. This program became Magic Zone, which now annually provides high-quality comprehensive out-of-school time programming for 600+ underserved youth in K-12. Our program expanded to include workforce development and our Community Safety Initiative (CSI) for 140 teens and disconnected transitional age youth (TAY). Over the years, we’ve deepened the K-12 programs’ focus on literacy, community-building, and goal-setting through our culturally responsive/relevant/reflective Everybody Reads! and Community Engineer curricula. 

We EMPOWER youth and young adults, so that they begin to have confidence in themselves, and believe in their future.

We EQUIP them with the tools they need for success, no matter what they are.

We EDUCATE youth and young adults. We work with them on homework, and planning, and preparation.

We EXPOSE our participants to options; whether through college, trade school, or a job, there is always an opportunity to grow.

We EXPECT them to succeed. We expect our young people will live up to their full potential; we tell them they are great, and we expect no less than greatness from them.

At least half of our youth have characteristics of increased need associated with underperforming or being disconnected from school; having special needs; being exposed to violence, abuse or trauma; and/or having mild to severe mental and behavioral health challenges. We understand that through education, people and communities can become empowered to transform their lives and situations. Collective Impact provides the support and resources necessary to help people of all ages become self-reliant, whether they are at-risk youth living in public housing, or families who need further resources or information on how they can sustain a healthier and enriching life. 

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