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College Track was started in 1997 by Laurene Powell Jobs and Carlos Watson, who had been tutoring and mentoring low-income, East Palo Alto high school students. The students demonstrated great desire to go to college, but did not have sufficient resources to support them to reach their dreams. College Track was started to address this need. 

The program has since grown rapidly – opening sites in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Colorado – and now serves over 1,600 high school and college students. By 2016, we expect to double our impact and, in 10 years, we will serve 10,000 students and increase our number of college graduates tenfold.

Ten Years of Support Drives College Completion 
College Track works closely with students for up to ten years – from the summer before 9th grade through college graduation. We provide students with comprehensive academic support, leadership training, community service opportunities and college advising to teach them the skills needed to succeed in college and beyond. 

Programs and Services
All of College Track’s programs for high school and college students are centered on four core service areas: Academic Affairs, Student Life, College Affairs, and College Success. For each of these programs we have established a set of clearly defined student goals and expectations that are structured to best prepare students for the academic, social and financial demands of college.

• In the first four years of our program, students receive support equivalent to one additional year of high school 
• College Track’s graduation rate (50.4%) is 2.5 times the national average for low-income students (19.5%)
• College Success supports over 500 college students who are currently enrolled in over 75 colleges including Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, USC, Howard, and Columbia University
• 84% of our students are first generation college students

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