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Support of the Colorado Lawyers Committee enables the organization and its volunteers to continue expanding our efforts in creating and increasing opportunities for children, the poor and other disadvantaged communities through pro bono advocacy, negotiation and litigation.


"The Colorado Lawyers Committee is the premier pro bono legal organization for lawyers in the United States." Jim Scarboro (Arnold & Porter)

"The Colorado Lawyers Committee harnesses the abilities of the area's most talented lawyers for the public good and for the disadvantaged. In a bipartisan way, it speaks for the voiceless and is respected in all circles of State Government. It deserves your support." Ed Kahn

"For more than 30 years the Colorado Lawyers Committee has given Colorado's poorest citizens and youth access to the court system with representation by many of the finest lawyers in Colorado. As a result of the dedicated work of these volunteer attorneys, hundreds of projects have been undertaken to protect the legal rights of folks who would otherwise have gone without representation and hundreds of thousands of lives have benefited from that effort." Bob Hill (Hill & Robbins, P.C.)

"The CLC brings out the best in our legal profession. We volunteer together to represent the underrepresented, including children and the disadvantaged. It has been an honor to be a part of this organization which works to improve our community." Kenzo Kawanabe (Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP)

"Through its broad network of volunteer lawyers from Colorado's leading law firms, the Colorado Lawyers Committee provides a consistent, effective and recognized voice for our state's children and disadvantaged. Colorado is a better place because, for over three decades, the CLC has talked the talk and walked the walk." Cole Wist

"The Colorado Lawyers Committee takes on the big issues and crafts solutions for entire communities by changing bad law and developing sound policy. It is an honor to be a part of an organization that has both the courage and the capacity to transform our state for the betterment of all Coloradans." Martha Tierney (Tierney Lawrence LLC)

"The CLC has been a powerful and consistent force for protecting the civil rights of Coloradans. The CLC has been able to assemble exceptional legal talent to solve a myriad of problems facing Colorado's disadvantaged. I am very proud to be part of the effort." Richard Westfall (Westfall Law, LLC)

"Working with the CLC Elections Task Force is one of the most rewarding aspects of my pro bono practice. Our task force comprises the preeminent experts in the field and our efforts consistently impact thousands of Coloradans through litigation, legislation and voter protection." John Zakhem (Jackson Kelly PLLC)

"At the Greeley Legal Night, I recently watched a consultation between a volunteer lawyer and participant that ended in tears and a hug from the grateful participant. This is the incredible power of the CLC, acting through its volunteers. Effecting large scale change through high impact litigation. At the same time, changing individual lives through its legal clinics that provide free legal consultations." Michelle Berge

The Colorado Lawyers Committee "has been involved at the highest level over the last three decades in many of the most important Colorado cases involving the rights of children and the less privileged. As a business lawyer, I especially appreciate the work that CLC has done that does not involve litigation, including such things as hate crime education, pro bono legal clinics, work with Colorado nonprofit organizations, and negotiating solutions to matters involving schools, voting rights, mental health, and affordable housing and community development. CLC has acted where it counts and where the issues are not easy ones, and deserves strong community support." Bill Callison (Holland & Hart LLP)

Recent comments from middle school students after presentations on Colorado's Hate/Bias Crimes Statute by Colorado Lawyers Committee volunteers:
- "Thank you! It was so fun being a juror. I learned so much about trials and law!" - Kate, 8th grader, Christ the King
- "Thank you for bringing the violence mock trial to Slavens. The Colorado Lawyers Committee presented it in such an exciting way." - Sarah, 7th grader, Slavens
- "That was Awesome! Please come again." - Elton, 8th grader, Christ the King
- "Thank you so much for showing us the legal process in an interesting way." - Will, 8th grader, Christ the King

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