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Clark County is amid a fentanyl and methamphetamine epidemic that has escalated since 2020, with overdose death rates climbing by almost 100% in our area. We see the consequences in local media stories detailing tragic overdose deaths on our streets. It's Columbia River's job to provide the proper services and care that lead to recovery transformation, but we need your help!

Joann started using prescribed opioids two years ago after she injured her back in a car accident. She quickly developed a dependency and began buying prescription opioids illegally. Joann started to lose relationships with family and friends as her condition worsened. She felt herself losing control over her life. She didn't think anything could stop her opioid use. 

One night, Joann was browsing social media and saw a post one of her friends shared. It was for Columbia River Mental Health’s NorthStar opiate treatment clinic. The next day, she attended a walk-in appointment and received a same-day medication prescription to address her opioid use. Thus began her journey to recovery. A year later, Joann is still in recovery and has regained control over her life.

NorthStar is leading the way to bring solutions to our community's problems. Operating Southwest Washington's largest opiate treatment program at the NorthStar Clinic, CRMHS provides treatment to over 600 individuals currently or in the past struggling with opioid addiction. We've consequently doubled the patient census since 2019. 

Despite multiple smaller remodeling efforts, our clinic is busting at the seams and struggling to provide adequate space to meet public demand for opioid addiction treatment. Soon, our NorthStar will move to a newly remodeled 8000-square-foot space dedicated to treating opioid use. This space will include state-of-the-art technology to serve clients, improved patient privacy, and more treatment room space to serve client needs. We're very excited to bring opioid addiction treatment in Clark County into the 21st Century and beyond. We couldn't have made this happen without constant community support!

With our new clinic, Columbia River will be able to continue helping people like Joann on their path to recovery. Donate to Columbia River Mental Health Services during GiveBig on May 2nd and 3rd, and support someone experiencing a mental health or opioid use crisis. Your donation brings solutions to our community!

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