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As the only state-wide media source that reaches 5.5 million viewers in eight states, KET is a unique, transformational force in the lives of Kentucky’s citizens.

Each day, KET reaches into every home and classroom in the state, serving as Kentucky’s largest educational institution, town hall, concert stage, history and science center, nature preserve and so much more. Only the power of television—only KET—ensures every possible educational opportunity for our citizens.

KET’s tradition and history has long established it as a public servant responsive to demonstrated needs and critical mass issues across the Commonwealth. The future of KET–and the Commonwealth–demands that we step up to a greater-than-ever call for services. With your financial help, KET can answer the call and serve the public’s trust with quality, integrity and impact.

Your support will enable KET to:

  • strengthen families and communities, developing the full potential of our youngest viewers;
  • connect people and places, encouraging civic engagement in issues that shape our future;
  • showcase a world of beauty, creativity and discovery;
  • strengthen learning in public schools
  • help mothers and fathers earn GED® certificates;
  • offer teachers the tools necessary to inspire a new generation.

KET’s impact is limited not by reach, will or imagination, but only by funding. Thus, we turn to those who also believe in education, culture and community to help advance our common values.

Think about the enjoyment and insight you gain from watching KET.  How much is that worth to you?  Now is the time to turn those thoughts into action and donate to KET.


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