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We give away clothing free of charge to those in need. In a sense we camouflage poverty by providing new and gently used clothing to underprivileged people in the Fox Valley area. The best part is our clients have expanded their limited income by not having to buy clothing for their families.

Clothing is more than a basic need. In this day and age, image is important to fit in socially, to build self-esteem, and to advance a career. Just turn on the television and look at all of the programs that address appearance: What Not To Wear, How Do I Look, Fashion Police, Project Runway, just to name a few. These shows were not on television a few years ago. Look at the covers of any magazine aimed at women or teens; they target appearance. It is tough enough to meet standards of acceptable appearance when you do not have the money to spend on clothing.

Community Clothes Closet seeks to fulfill its mission of providing free clothing (and other items) to people in need, while maintaining their dignity and offering opportunities to improve their lives. We do not receive money from the government, fixed income sources or charge our clients for any of our services. We utilize volunteers to staff our operations and assist with administration; only a small fraction of our budget accounts for administration cost.


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