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Community Renewal Society (CRS) works to combat social, economic, and racial injustice by bringing people of faith and congregations together, in partnership with communities, coalitions, interfaith organizations, and civic leaders, to intentionally and decisively transform society toward greater social justice at the intersection of racism and poverty. 

Mission and Vision

Founded in 1882, CRS became a leader in justice when they established schools, churches and settlement homes to welcome newly arrived immigrants. In the 60s, CRS trained community members on community organizing and advocacy around issues of race and poverty.

To build communities of racial and economic equity, it is essential to create systems that are in the interest of the impacted and marginalized. Our organizing and policy staff build relationships, identify new leaders in the congregation, and engage congregations and community members in local, citywide and statewide campaigns for justice. We also work with coalitions that implement reformed policy initiatives for police accountability, just economy, community development, LGBTQIA+ rights, and restoring rights for the formerly incarcerated.

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