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It's 8:00 AM, and Catherine, Lillian, and Della are opening up the Community Support Systems (CSS) Food Pantry in Brandywine to get ready for the 60 or more families who depend on this source for most - or all - of their food needs.  Other volunteers trickle in, and by 9:00 AM, the sorting and cleaning of fresh produce and hauling of dry goods is in full swing.  There is frozen meat to put out, along with bread and sweets.  Drivers arrive periodically with food they have picked up from area supermarkets, and local gardeners and farmers drop off fresh picked vegetables in season.  By 10:00 AM, a cornucopia is laid out on long tables.  The parking lot is full, and clients are visiting in the waiting room.  A nurse is on-site to provide blood pressure and blood sugar screenings – often a lifesaver.  When the doors open, clients "shop" the tables, picking foods they like from what is offered.  Staff is on-hand to help people sign up for Maryland Energy Assistance and other resources.  This same scene is repeated a total of 3 times weekly, at both Baden and Accokeek Food Pantries.   In addition, once a month, CSS partners with the Prince George's County Department of Social Services to provide food for up to 450 additional families at our Mission Nutrition site.

At Community Support Systems' office, there is a steady stream of inquiries for help from people who find themselves in severe financial hardship.  CSS staff and volunteers work to provide services and resources that range from assistance applying for benefit programs such as Food Stamps, to help paying for rent and medications, to homeless prevention.  Nearby, 4 seniors are living comfortably at the CSS Shared Senior Living Home in a house with a lovely wraparound porch and spacious backyard.  They pay an affordable $200 - $400 per month, depending on income. 

Community Support Systems has been providing an array of safety-net services for 16 years thanks to our wonderful volunteers – now 87 strong – and a paid staff of 1 1/2.  CSS provides help that makes a critical difference in people’s lives, and we do this with care and respect for each individual.  Our clients are the best spokespeople for our work.

In the words of JCR:

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your assistance and support during my very trying times.  There were times when I would have slept outside, had no clothes to start a job and no transportation to court, but CSS was there for me.  Just recently, you purchased my asthma medication for me.  I enjoyed every bite of food that came from the pantry.  Lately, I’ve been wearing the jacket I received from CSS’s Christmas gifts.  I’m grateful to CSS for all of the many good things they did for me.  I have relocated...and I’m presently living in a drug treatment program...This is a new beginning...CSS, you’re wonderful!  May God Bless All Of You!

From a family of 11:

[When] our business began to fail due to the economic crisis in our county… [CSS] told us about the Food Pantry, Back to School Supply, and Thanksgiving programs.  We were able to utilize all these resources…With a family of 9, this has been invaluable.  One never knows when hard times may befall them…When our family was at its lowest, you all showed compassion…and treated us with respect…Things are beginning to turn around for us, my husband has a stable job now, and we are trying to get back on track with our finances.  I thank God for CSS, working with your organization has been a breath of fresh air.


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