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Need for Grief Support continues to grow....Calling Everyday Heroes to Action!

What can one person do during this unknown time to make a difference?  You can be the support that bereaved families and individuals need during their grief journey.  Please consider making a donation toward the grief support services that have been, and will continue to be, available at NO CHARGE to anyone in need.  No one should grieve alone. 

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Cincinnati Children in Need 

It is estimated that 1 in 11 Ohio children and teens will experience the death of a parent or sibling by their 18th birthday.  

This statistic is prior to CoVid19.  Imagine how this number is changing.  Now is the time to tell children that support is available, even if we can't meet in person.  We're here for them. We're here for those who support them.  We're here for YOU!💜 

Over 60 school-based grief groups were facilitated and supported each month by COJ in 42+ schools (K-12) before this pandemic.  Numerous crisis response programs were also offered on an as-needed basis.  Currently we're working with these schools to provide weekly resources for the students, staff and administrators, as well as continuing to serve the districts who also have unrelated  Covid19 deaths in their communities.  

Being present to support and also provide grief education is imperative to a healthy grief journey.  

Teaching those who grieve, and those who support the grieving, that each person's journey is unique helps to create a community that grows and continues to move forward, despite the tragic losses they have endured.  Although our hugs cannot be in person, the smiles and support remain.

Support for Adults is Critical

After a major loss, such as the death of a spouse or child, up to a third of the people most directly affected will suffer detrimental effects on their physical or mental health or both.   

                Such bereavements increase the risk of death from heart disease and suicide as well as causing or contributing to a variety of psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders. About a quarter of widows and widowers will experience clinical depression and anxiety during the first year of bereavement; the risk drops to about 17% by the end of the first year and continues to decline thereafter.  (According to the Journal of Psychology)

Imagine the impact now as they can no longer be bedside, or mourn with others after the death of a spouse.  

Be the hope to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one to CoVid19

How does COJ provide support

Bereavement Support is provided through individual and group programs in a safe environment for each child, teen or adult to share their grief.  All programs provide a power of connection, assuring the bereaved that their community cares and is here for them. COJ programs are provided free of charge to all in need, in a culturally appropriate, holistic and equitable manner.  Just as you have had to adjust during this pandemic, so have we.  We are working with our current participants to maintain some type of normalcy, as well as create new virtual support systems, while we shelter at home and slowly begin to reestablish our working communities .  

Current planned programs for new participants*:

Mending Hearts Family Support, Beginning in May

Ongoing participants may still attend* with the goal to begin new groups in April/May:

New Beginnings Widow/Widower Groups

Living Again Widow/Widower Groups

Surviving After the Death of Suicide (death of any loved one by suicide)

Bereaved Parents (death of a child/ren at any age) 

Perinatal/Neonatal Group

Men in Grief Group

What is being provided for those grieving the death of a loved one?

For those suffering the loss of a loved one, that join a support group, COJ provides services of grief support in the following ways:

Allowing them to talk or not to talk about their loved one

  • Listening empathetically
  • Providing friendship and support
  • Providing emotional support
  • Providing a supportive and comfortable environment
  • Sharing a common bond
  • Understanding the grief process
  • Providing educational services for grief
  • Providing educational materials and resources
  • Holding informational conferences and workshops

For those who cannot join a group, resources and materials are available on our website: Click any line for more information 

It is critical that they each grieving person know they are not alone, that someone cares and can understand their grief, 

and to know there is help in transitioning their lives, even when the end of this pandemic is unknown.

Let them know "You Are Not Alone"

It only takes one person to make a difference.  Are you that one? 

Join Us Today - Especially Now as the need for grief support will continue to increase in the weeks ahead. 

Make a donation - Make a pledge - Share our information and resources.   Remember - the grieving need all types of heroes! 

On behalf of them, the volunteers and the facilitators who support...We THANK YOU for your generosity.  WE can't do what we do without YOU.

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