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Thank You Thank You Thank You!!   Your gift provides us with the needed resources to continue to provide the grief support that is needed by so many. You are the light that is shining hope for a brighter tomorrow!  We also invite you to leave a message of hope, or make a dedication during checkout, if you are so moved. 

Again, Thank You!
Surrounded by Hope, Strength and Healing 
support is provided to anyone (young or old) who is grieving a loss via grief support groups, resources and education. Companions on a Journey provides a connection to peers with similar grief experiences so that each person's voice can be heard and honored.  The Need is Great: 1 in 11 children in Ohio experiences the death of a parent by age 18.  And, this # doubles by age 25.  Now, factor in bereaved families and adults.  

Grief will find each of us one day ~ this is certain. When that day arrives, we ALL will need support, including: HOPE to shine a light forward; STRENGTH  to create a balance; and HEALING to nurture a new normal.  HOPE, STRENGTH & HEALING ~ It's why COJ is here!

Join us NOW!  Let's make certain that TODAY grief support is available for everyone; ensuring that when each of us is in need, we will not be alone.   

Every dollar you share, can lead to additional funding through the Cincinnati Gives Challenge (11/30- 12/10).   If you are unsure if what you can donate today matters, know that even $5 can provide a symbol of hope.  A message from our high school graduates on your $5 donation and its impact: 

If you are in a more fortunate position, please consider a larger donation: $500 supports a grief group and $2500 supports an entire school.  Last year, 49% of students who participated in COJ school-based support groups had experienced the death of a parent, and 58% had suffered the death of an immediate family member (parent or sibling).

At COJ, we have a big, bold vision to create a world where no child, teen, adult, or family grieves alone.  We hope you will join us in making our vision a reality.  

Through YOUR generous support of Companions on a Journey, we can provide bereaved children, teens and adults with a safe space to process feelings of grief and loss, connect with a caring community of peers, and strengthen critical wellness and resiliency skills.  While keeping their loved ones close at heart, bereaved individuals and families can find a balance and create a new normal.  

TOGETHER, let's make sure that they know they are not alone in their grief. That they can count on us to be there for them to light the path of hope.  

We're here for YOU!💜 

How does COJ provide support?

Bereavement Support is provided through individual and group programs in a safe environment for each person to share their grief.  All programs provide a power of connection, assuring the bereaved that their community cares and is here for them. COJ programs are provided free of charge to all in need, in a culturally appropriate, holistic and equitable manner.  Just as you have had to adjust during this pandemic, so have we.  We are working with our current participants to maintain some type of normalcy, as well as create new virtual support systems, while we focus on healing and remaining safe.

What is provided for those grieving the death of a loved one?

COJ provides services of grief group support in the following ways:

Listening empathetically.    Providing friendship and support.     Providing emotional support.    Providing a supportive and comfortable environment.     Sharing a common bond.     Understanding the grief process.     Providing educational services for grief.     Providing educational materials and resource.     Hosting informational conferences and workshops.     For those who cannot join a group, resources and materials are available by clicking Here to visit our website. 

Only because of you, are we able to do what we do.  

Thank You for for shining the light of HOPE this year.  

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