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Our primary focus is in the nation of Zimbabwe where our team has had experience working since 1984. Our Director, Bob Scott is the author of "Saving Zimbabwe: Life, Death & Hope in Africa" which detail his experiences with The Community of Reconciliation there. 

The organization's mission is to heal the country after decades of violent conflict. We believe that in order to move forward, we first have to go backward and heal the broken lives and relationships which are the direct result of conflict. Much of the population has been severely traumatized and suffering from PTSD.

Our sister organization in Zimbabwe is the National Centre for Peace. Together we have developed a program we call MHU's (Mobile Healing Units). These units set up in a local rural villages for a week offering trauma healing, teaching on forgiveness and other relevant topics while working towards peace and reconciliation.  We are healing our relationships with each other.

We also hold economic development workshops in conjunction with the MHU's. With 70% of the population farming, we start there as its the low hanging fruit.  We demonstrate how healing the land has a direct collaboration to personal prosperity. We are healing our relationship with the land as well as each other. Its a holistic approach. 

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