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Compathos Foundation 501(c)3  is a media production, research, and education organization harnessing the transformative power of the arts and media to inspire action.

Our streaming online platform, Films for the Planet, provides the best in environmental and social action films on demand.  Members have access to the highest quality content for social impact, perpetual learning and community engagement as well as real-time events that draw upon a network of leading filmmakers, story activators, and topical scholars.

Since 2010, Compathos has been fulfilling its mission to educate, inspire and raise awareness by producing award-winning films, interactive and cross-media content, student media expeditions, and events such as RELEVATE Film Forum and Film with Social Impact Director Series. 

We’ve worked with a host of non-profits, social change artists, indie filmmakers and entrepreneurial movement-makers in combined efforts to affect positive world change through media impact.  Our community of award-winning creative professionals recognize the power of arts, media and entertainment as a dynamic force for transformation and social good.  We also offer fiscal sponsorships for artists and filmmakers and design strategic engagement campaigns to harness the shifts in technology and twenty-first century storytelling to better serve our communities of change catalysts and to involve people in stories that matter.

Compathos amplifies stories that examine environmental, human rights and global transformation topics.  You are invited to browse our gallery - a media-rich story tapestry of over 1500 awareness raising stories and resources on our Compathos publishing platform.

Our projects and organizational activities depend on collaboration, intern, and volunteer services. We gratefully rely on generous donations such as yours, to help us reach our goals and fulfill our mission.

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