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CCMM develops students' appreciation for the diversity of the world's cultures through a unique cross-cultural museum that it brings directly to schools. CCMM offers students a unique hands-on experience with a comprehensive, museum-quality collection of more than 3,000 artifacts from more than 750 countries across the world…right in their own schools. The program's hands-on presentation supplements and enhances student learning by bringing classroom curriculum to life, while providing students access to international artifacts with which they otherwise would not have contact. CCMM believes that opening students' eyes to their own cultures, as well as those of the world, will help build self-esteem and foster greater awareness, enabling students to recognize themselves as participants in a global community.

Since 1995, CCMM has enriched the educational experiences of tens of thousands of Los Angeles students completely free of charge. From one school, CCMM quickly expanded after teachers, librarians, administrators, and parents realized the program's unique value. Now in 15 schools, CCMM has an ever-growing waiting list of schools eager to benefit from CCMM's exceptional program. And CCMM is ready to bring it to them!

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Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum

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