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Cornerstone creates theater that transforms people and communities. We create plays based on the stories of the communities we meet. Our process is collaborative, challenging, unpredictable, and beautiful.

For over 32 years, we've brought together an ensemble of professional arists of the highest caliber with people who would never think of themselves as artists to produce works of excellence based on the stories, concerns and issues of a given community.

Our plays celebrate many voices, and are staged in theaters and in parking lots, in factories, schools and subway stations. We strive to include people who have not been on stage or even seen theater. We’ve taken up residence in small towns and urban neighborhoods, collaborating with locals from start to finish to tell their unique stories through theater.

Our current series of plays is called THE CHANGE SERIES.  

We live in the midst of a calamitous climate change and the political shift in our country has been shocking. Locally, economic changes in Los Angeles are forcing entire segments of the population out of their longtime neighborhoods in what appears to some to be a resegregation of the city along class and color lines. With our new body of work, the Change Series, we not only seek to explore the meaning of change happening both locally and globally, in the lives of our communities, but also in the work we do as a theater company. To find out more visit

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We create theater that transforms communities and plants seeds of opportunity!


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