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The officers brought a man into the interview room in shackles, his hands cuffed to the waist chain, the clink-clink of his leg chains banging against the floor.  the officers chained him to the floor and left, locking the door behind us.  He and I sat across from each other, when he said no one had ever loved him.  His mother had committed suicide;  his faither was an alcoholic who didnt care if his son came home or not.  

"ive been thinking, chaplain, is it God's job to love me?" the inmate asked.  "Somone has to love me?  Is it God's job?"

"No", I said. "Its not God's job to love you.  Its Gods JOY to love you."   God was there as we talked. God is with us always.

We care about the prisoners because God loves each one of us.  We are called to serve the least of our brothers and sisters, knowing as we serve them, we serve Jesus.  As ministers in jail our faith is challenged and grows in the Spirit each day.

We know there is hope for each person.  Through sharing the Good News of God's love we see the youth and the adults experience the depths of forgiveness, accept the Grace and begin living lives of purpose and hope.  Prisoners perceive what it means to be loved by our Lord, accept the love and live the new opportunities.  

Chaplains are Inside the jails and Juvenile Hall to be with each person as they desire for prayer, counsel, teaching and help re enter the community and join local congregations of faith. 

We offer many opportunities to volunteer and respond to Gods call by celebrating worship services, Bible studies, prayer and pastoral counseling. We have a team of over 400 volunteer chaplains from about 100 congregations.  

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