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A True Story from our Executive Director

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Last year I was sitting in my office one of our fantastic volunteers, said I have an individual that really needs to speak with someone right away.  I went up front and introduced myself to a gentleman that we will call Bob.

It was apparent that Bob was extremely nervous.  Bob and I sat down and began a conversation that lasted oh about 30 min.  In the beginning of the conversation I really had no idea the reason for Bob's visit.  He said things like, I looked you guys up on the Internet a couple months ago, I in return said That’s GREAT.  Silence.  Bob still extremely nervous, visibly shaking, repeated that sentence two or three times. Then More Silence.

Then Bob said I started reading your newsletter about a month ago.  Again I said That’s GREAT.  Silence.  Bob still shaking repeated himself a few more times.  By this point I am not certain what it is that we can do to help Bob.  In fact I do not really know what it is that Bob wants or needs for that matter.

Then Bob says, I have been driving past your center for the last week... Again I said That’s GREAT.  More silence.  Oh My, Do we have a stalker, a terrorist... I don’t know.  Bob is still extremely shy, very soft-spoken and still shaking like a leaf.  I begin to think to myself, that I am looking at an individual that is in some type of drug or alcohol crisis, perhaps in withdrawals, I am still not sure.  This continues for 15 to 20 minutes.  I know that something is coming but I have no idea what it is or how to prepare for it.  More Silence.

Finally, Bob begins to talk about himself, just a little and tells me that he is in his mid-60s, has a number of grown children, and now lives in the area.  That's It... nothing else, not a peep, nothing of why he stopped in for a visit.

At this point I am more than a little lost for words and am thinking to myself I might need to be prepared for a major crisis.  Then, slowly, finally, I watch Bob dig deep within his self, obviously using every ounce of his courage to make a simple and clear statement and says:   I am 63 years old and I have to tell somebody before I die.

Now, I am absolutely convinced I have a life or death situation on my hands and I begin to prepare for the inevitable.  Quietly I begin to collect phone numbers to some of our Addiction partners, the suicide prevention hotline, the police department, the fire department and so on.  I am just about ready... To kick into crisis mode and Bob says as if it were the last spoken words of his life said.  I just have to tell somebody before I die that I am gay.

Out of instinct I guess, I said the same thing I said to him throughout the entire conversation That’s GREAT Bob but this time I added so am I.  I was so relieved it was something so simple.

Bob looked at me strangely and said I have never said those words to another human being in my entire life and I just had to tell somebody.  I again said Bob so am I.  I then pointed around the room and said so is he, so is she and so on.

Bob and I talked for a few more minutes and I encouraged him to come back and visit and we would be happy to connect him to a number of the groups and events.  A few days later Bob dropped in for a visit, we introduced him to some folks and now I see Bob often and now confident, happy and connected to his community.  Bob was empowerd!

We are now in 2014 and my new friend Bob, he passed away a few months back and that makes me sad.  BUT, I know for fact that in the last year or so of his life, Bob Was Connected, Supported & Empowered and most of all Bob Was FREE!

We will all miss you Bob and nothing will change our memories of you being happy!

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