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COPE's real role is to answer the question "what next" when a woman is facing an unplanned pregnancy.

A typical client is Felicia, a 23-year-old single woman who came for a pregnancy test. Looking at the positive test, she was a bit shocked, but assured us that the father would be happy and "supportive."  He stopped being "supportive" and disappeared two weeks before Felicia found out she was carrying twins. Not long after that, she lost her job--and couldn't find other work because no one was willing to hire a woman pregnant with twins. We encouraged her to attend the free parenting classes, where she learned about proper nutrition, SIDS awareness and car seat safety. We taught her why eye contact and skin-to-skin touching is important to a baby's development, and the importance of music and reading aloud in a child's world. More importantly, we provided her with encouragement every week, asking about the doctor's appointments, looking at ultrasound photos and discussing baby names. She practiced diapering, swaddling and infant massage, and watched videos on on successful breastfeeding, and the advantages of nursing a newborn. Through class participation, Felicia received two new car seats, cribs and baby clothes for the first year. She stockpiled diapers and we located a double stroller for her. One day, as she was leaving class, she stopped and looked at me and said, "you know, everything I got for my babies came from COPE. You gave me every single thing I got." I hugged her and answered, "Felicia, we didn't give you a thing. You EARNED every thing you have!"

That is what COPE does. We offer encouragement and hope, while providing necessary material assistance. Although we always make exceptions for emergency situations, most assistance is earned by the mother (and father, if he will attend), which builds confidence and pride. We help the scared, overwhelmed woman face the "what next" by helping her along the path.


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