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As a parent of six, teaching my four year old son, Jose Daniel, was difficult once my twin babies were born.  My time was being taken by the baby boys.  I couldn’t teach Daniel what I taught my other kids.  I didn’t have time to talk with him, or sing to him and help him talk.  He couldn’t say a word that was understandable and his brothers would ask me what he was saying.  I felt horrible knowing very well that I needed to give him more attention and time. I could never make time and I let the time pass by without giving Daniel that the time he needed.

Once he started preschool I noticed his words became clearer.  He began to talk more and use his words.  He would speak short sentences and I’d hear him singing his alphabet and counting.  His brothers understood him more and I could communicate much better with his newly found voice.   The teachers that have worked with him have been great with my son.  They were patient with his small vocabulary and understood that he couldn’t communicate much.  Daniel feels very comfortable in the environment they have made for him.  He always comes home happy.  He greets each teacher with a hug and is always happy to see them.  I am grateful for the attention that they have given him and couldn’t ask for more.

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