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CSN is the largest and most ethnically diverse college in Nevada; providing  quality, affordable education to over 38,000 students each semester. Financial assistance for tuition and textbooks is a continuing need. CSN serves a large number of students who are the first in their family to attend college. A large majority of  students work at least part time and have family responsibilities.

The CSN Foundation mission is to support students and programs at the College of Southern Nevada. Working with the local community, CSN trustees secure donations of cash and equipment to build classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums and academic buildings and to help students with the costs of tuition and textbooks.

Founded in 1982, The CSN Foundation has helped the college fund the Morse Arberry Telecommunications Building, a Transportation Technology Center, The Ralph and Betty Engelstad School of Health Sciences, The Donald Stone Building, The John Kish Auditorium, J. Duncan Good Rich Air Conditioning Technology Program, Jesse Reese Photographic Endowment and secured over two million dollars for student Legacy of Achievement  Scholarships.


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