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Culliver Reading Center, a non-profit organization that has been tutoring and strengthening the reading, math, and social skills and abilities of the youth living within our community since 1992, through after school and summer programming for grades K-12. We have a variety of programs that seek to build strong study habits and improve grades. PYRAMIDS and LEARNING FOR A LIFETIME are the Center's afterschool tutoring programs that focus on reading and math literacy along with building strong study habits and social skills. The Pyramids program is designed for student K-3, while the Learning for a Lifetime program focuses on students in grades 4-12. Our CAMP CULLIVER summer program combines academic enrichment activities and summer activities like swimming and field trips.

Real talk, why Culliver Reading Center needs your support now.  Step outside your personality, your busy schedule, your fears, and your comfort zone.  There are Culliver Reading Center students right now, in your community that needs you.  No one else is going to step up.  Doors to the Culliver Reading Center program is in jeopardy of closing without your support.  Checks can be mailed to the PO Box 474, Mansfield, Ohio 44901 Mrs. Shepard has been an icon in our community for decades and her living legacy is to continue educating and helping our children succeed, and if you were blessed to be one who came through Happy Time Day Care or Culliver Reading Center we're hoping that it made a difference in your life or your child's life and you are ready to give back to keep this program growing strong, as we said earlier we can't do it without your support! One of the longest standing educational black organizations is in jeopardy of closing without your support.  

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