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The Community Youth Center (CYC) Senior Tablet program targets Chinese monolingual, low-income seniors living in the Richmond, Chinatown, North Beach, and Bayview districts of San Francisco to provide weekly bilingual classes on how to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While one of the objectives is to reduce the digital divide within the community, the impact of this program has changed and improved lives in many other ways.

Loneliness and isolation is common among seniors, and even more so for the forgotten ones who do not speak English or do not have the means, resources, or ability to connect to the outside world. CYC’s tablet classes are provided free of charge and enable seniors to learn how to connect and engage with friends and loved ones, thus relieving much of their anxiety and concern.

Another significant impact this program makes is through the intergenerational support that CYC’s high school youth leaders in the Youth for Community Engagement program provides. Weekly classes are held each Saturday with an instructor and trained CYC youth leaders who teach the class and provide one-on-one tutoring sessions to the seniors. The classes help seniors gain familiarity in using technology such as text messaging, video calls/chats, web browsing, web search, and popular applications such as WeChat and Zoom. 

Additionally, bilingual CYC youth leaders learn valuable leadership skills while being trained to teach and organize the classes for the seniors. CYC youth leaders also find genuine enjoyment in keeping the seniors company and building a personal connection with them. The intergenerational support provided by CYC youth leaders have also given them a sense of purpose knowing they are making a difference in more ways than just teaching seniors about technology. 

The Senior Tablet program receives its funding from the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), but funding will be cut in June due to budget deficits. CYC's goal is to raise funds from the #GIVEINMAY campaign to continue this important program for the seniors in our community. We hope to raise $50,000 to continue the classes for 12 months. The funds will go towards instructor salary, teaching material/equipment, software, and outreach related costs.  

About the Community Youth Center:
For 50 years, CYC has provided the youth of San Francisco a sense of belonging and vital tools and experiences to succeed in life. CYC serves over 8,000 youth each year and is one of only a few agencies in San Francisco addressing the needs of a diverse population of low-income, high-need, and at-risk Asian Pacific American, Latino and African American youth.

Our services include academic and college counseling, job placement and employment training, substance abuse and violence prevention education, crisis intervention and mediation, leadership development, and technology and computer training. 

Chinese : Taiwanese : Thai : Vietnamese : Pacific Islander : Korean : Japanese: Latino : African American

About Give In May:

The purpose of the Give In May campaign is to raise awareness about issues Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) face that are often unseen. It is held in May to honor Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The campaign is hosted by Asian Pacific Fund, a community foundation committed to improving the lives of AAPIs in the Bay Area, and AAPI Data, a national publisher of demographic data and policy research.

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