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     DACCO is on the Front Lines in the War Against 

                                 Opiate Addiction

My life was unmanageable and hopeless -- I had no control.  I decided I really needed treatment and was soon admitted to DACCO.  I didn't want to leave the life of drugs and destruction.  However, all it took was one class to make me realize that this is what I needed and the place I wanted to be.  I dedicated myself to get involved and work diligently with my counselor and other group counselors.  I truly believed that they wanted me to succeed just as much as myself.  What I needed to do was listen, attend my classes, follow instruction and most importantly I was to change for myself and no one else.  I had to stop blaming everyone else for my unhappiness and start taking responsibility.

                                                                       ~Johnny B~


DACCO has helped me learn how to watch out for my triggers.  I have learned how to control my cravings and my way of thinking.  It is something I needed to do, and I needed that push.  If it wasn't for my Marchman Acti, I wouldn't be alive today.  People suffering from drug addiction need to give it a chance and realize it works if you let it.  



Did You know that 1 in 7 people will develop a substance use disorder at some point in their lives and may even touch somebody that you know personally?  According to the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, nearly 48 million people said they used an illicit drug or misused prescription drugs in the past year.  Illicit drug use and its consequences are increasing -- more that 47,000 people died from a drug overdose in 2014, and nearly 39,000 of these deaths involved prescription drugs.

DACCO Behavioral Health is a Not-For-Profit leader in behavioral health for 45 years and is a Nationally Accredited Provider of 21 Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment programs in Hillsborough County.  Our physicians are certified in Psychiatry & Addiction and licensed clinicians provide consultation and treatment planning based on the individual's need.  We are proud of our invaluable staff, who give of themselves each and every day to help those suffering from substance use disorders or co-occurring mental disorders.  We are committed to helping individuals and families achieve life-long recovery.


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