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DYF was founded in 1938, Dr. Mary B. Olney, a physician from UC San Francisco, who took 19 children with type-1 diabetes to camp to teach them how to better manage their condition.  She was joined a few years later by Dr. Ellen Simpson.  In 1951 DYF was incorporated to advance the work begun by Dr. Olney.  She personally led the program until she retired from active involvement in 1988.  Dr. Olney believed that children with diabetes could live healthy and productive lives by learning how to care for their diabetes with a complex management system. 

Today, DYF still holds true to that philosophy, creating opportunities for children and teens with diabetes which are equal to that of their peers who do not have diabetes.  DYF also recognizes the impact that Type-1 diabetes can have on a family unit and is dedicated to supporting the parents, caregivers and sibling who are affected.

In 2015 DYF will serve 2,000 individuals (children and teens with diabetes, siblings, parents and guardians) through its resident camps, recreation programs and diabetes education seminars. 


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