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Discovery Station at Hagerstown creates exciting hands-on learning experiences that stimulate a curiosity for discovery, exploration and further investigation by children and adults to foster life-long learning. The programsand interactive exhibits on science, technology and history are unique educational resources available to all of its visitors.

Discovery Station at Hagerstown, Inc. is governed by a volunteer board whose members serve without compensation. Members serve three-year terms. Currently, Discovery Station has no paid staff. Programs and activities are conducted by the officers and directors assisted by an enthusiastic and dedicated group of volunteers from throughout the region.

Featured Exhibition — A remarkable 15' navigable exact replica of the world’s most famous ship. View this masterpiece that took 10 years to construct. Marvel at 1,100 handmade brass portholes and precise scale reproductions of the ship’s details. This extensive exhibit includes a reconstructed Third Class cabin and scores of displays related to the Titanic disaster of 1912 and the events surrounding the tragic story.

Interactive exhibits developed by the National Institute of Health and National Eye Institute that have toured major cities in the U.S. and are now on permanent display at Discovery Station at Hagerstown. These exhibits have drawn large crowds wherever the exhibition has shown. Highly informative for adults and educational for children, who are attracted to the interactive features.

Saturday Plus Programs 

Demonstration-learning lectures and activities are presented on designated Saturdays of each month on a pre-announced topic. All presentations are at Saturday times listed with the topic.

Betty Clopper Early Childhood Gallery      

Age appropriate activities for children 2-5 with parent accompaniment. Imaginative play/learn activities. Example- As children build, they learn about size, shape, patterns, spacial relationships and basic physics. Building helps children look at their environment in different ways. Observe how your child builds. Encourage children to notice different patterns, sizes and shapes as they build.


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