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Welcome to the Dolphin Color Run Fundraiser for Walt Disney Elementary PTA

Please join us as we raise $600 per classroom in just two weeks!

Disney Dolphin Families!!! 

It's time for FUN! Our 1st annual Dolphin Color Run on Friday May 14th will top off this year's Disney PTA fundraising event. We are so excited to be able to host this event for our students!  We can’t wait for them to get outside and have some FUN while raising money for our school!  The money raised will go to help support some of the amazing things we have in store to make Disney elementary even better for our kids and our community. This year, we are fundraising for the following “Wish List” items:

  • Indoor Sensory Walks: $4,000

  • Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support System (PBIS): $4,000

  • Classroom Grants/Reimbursements: $3,500

  • Spirit Wear T-shirts: $3,000

How to Donate to a Particular Class

1. Click/tap on a Class above in the Leaderboard and donate through the class page.
2. Click/tap the yellow Donate button and when prompted, write in the class you want your funds to go toward.

How to Donate to More Than One Class

Repeat above steps 1 or 2 for every Class' page in which you want to donate. They will be separate transactions.

How Much Do I Give?

Any amount makes a difference. Can you give $5, $25, $50, $100 or even $500? You choose the amount and you'll get our heartfelt thank you and a tax receipt as the Walt Disney PTA is a 501c3 nonprofit foundation.

Overwhelming success!

A new way of fundraising. Instead of students selling products like cookie dough or wrapping paper and only getting 50% or less of what we raised, we've launched an online fundraising campaign and are asking as many supporters as we can to join our community and donate online. With straight online fundraising, we keep at least 97%+ of the funds raised!

Donate by check?

If you prefer donating by check, no problem, please send to:
Walt Disney Elementary PTA
4100 S. Fremont
Springfield, MO 65804

Questions or help, email president@disneypta.com

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