Domestic Violence Emergency Services of Gateway Inc

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DOVES serves clients from the Gateway Area Development District with a history of or current experiences with domestic violence. This includes Rowan, Bath, Menifee, Montgomery and Morgan Counties.

 DOVES of Gateway’s major objectives are to provide safe shelter and basic living needs for victims of domestic violence until they are mentally and physically stable in order to restart their independent living. The areas we serve are very small impoverished counties and as with many Eastern Kentucky counties, families live in desperate poverty and significant geographic isolation.

 DOVES mission is to provide safe and temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. 

Our staff provide focused, responsive services that will empower victims and educate the public regarding the impact of domestic violence. Our staff and Board Members work toward the establishment of a society where violence is considered abnormal and is not tolerated.

 Referrals for DOVES services often come from community based service providers including hospitals, physician offices, schools, and behavioral health agencies, among many others.

Services are not limited to victims staying in the shelter. Staff members provide outreach services in each county in our service area. DOVES staff members also provide training and education in the Gateway area that enriches the understanding of the community and expands our network of resources.

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Domestic Violence Emergency Services of Gateway Inc

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