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Hope and change.

We are Hopeworks. We are Howard County Maryland’s sexual and domestic violence center.

Since 1978, HopeWorks (formerly the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County) has been providing critical services to families affected by domestic violence and raising awareness in the community.

In 2010, we added to our mission comprehensive services for survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

We are proud of our strong tradition of service provision and survivors will always need the specialized care our dedicated staff provides on a daily basis. Critical also to our mission is engaging the entire community in the work of challenging and changing the beliefs, attitudes and culture that allow sexual and domestic violence to occur in the first place. This part takes all of us.

Sexual and domestic violence are not inevitable realities in our world.

We all benefit when individuals are free to live self-determined lives without the threat of sexual and domestic violence – not just survivors. Parents; law enforcement; businesses; students; day care providers; doctors; nurses and teachers; men and boys benefit. Families and friends will all be better off without these threats.

Prevention takes an entire community working together – challenging and changing the beliefs, attitudes and culture that allow them to exist. And it takes hope. Hope builds momentum and momentum creates change…when we work together.

Our community can be stronger and better and safer when we are all engaged in this work together. This is the spirit of our new name. It is a name we believe says as much about us as an agency as it does about us as a community.

We are HopeWorks. Each and every one of us.



Last fiscal year, HopeWorks served approximately 4,400 individuals through one or more of the following programs and services:


1)   Sexual Assault Hospital Accompaniment Program 

HopeWorks provides trained advocates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in collaboration with staff at Howard County General Hospital, to offer support and information to victims of sexual assault.


2)  Counseling

The clinical department offers crisis and long term counseling, children’s counseling and therapeutic groups for those affected by sexual and domestic violence.  The center also started a support group for family members of those who have been sexually assaulted, recognizing that the trauma affects more than just the primary victim.


3)  24-Hour Helpline

Our Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days and week.  Crisis intervention specialists are on hand to help if individuals who are in crisis, need shelter, or just need to talk through what they are experiencing. Should a caller need interpretive services, HopeWorks uses Language Line.  Language Line provides interpreters in over 100 languages.


4)  Education and Advocacy 

As part of its work, HopeWorks engages the entire community in sexual and domestic violence prevention and education.


5)  Legal Services 

The legal department provides assistance to those affected by sexual and domestic violence and stalking with protective order proceedings, divorce cases and child custody. Clients are provided with attorneys as well as a legal advocate.  Legal advocates assist clients navigating the legal system.


6)  Shelter Services 

HopeWorks provides emergency and transitional shelter in one safehouse (for those in imminent danger) and one transitional homes.  Women and their children may stay for up to 45 days in the safehouse and up to six months in our transitional shelter.  Male victims may stay with their children in our hotel program for up to 7 days.  Shelter clients work with vicitim advocates to define their goals, plan, and prepare for their next safe home after shelter.


7)  Abuser Intervention Program

This program provides individual and group and counseling to partners of all genders who use violence in their relationships.  Clients are often referred to the program through a court order and, on occasion, through self-referral.



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