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Our Mission

"To promote visual fine arts in the Idaho Falls Region through education, community Service and cultural programming for all ages."

What We Do and How We Do it: the services provided from our all-volunteer organization entail a broader meaning and understanding of humanities contributions to society. Visual Art (all art really) has remained a consistent enterprise of humanity through the desire to create, understand the world around us and our own human capabilities, and connections amongst all life.

How Visual Fine Artist (all artist) are viewed in their profession has a great impact on how art is valued in education and throughout our schools.

The prevalent system of Professional Learning Communities within ERAG organization range from all ages, expertise and interest. From students, art educators, artists, engineers/scientist, historians, business professionals and more; skilled professional of all levels and have gained insightful purpose of learning and practing in this historical enterprise of art. 

For decades and without ever owning a facility

Eagle Rock Art Guild has successfully provided community engagement in visual fine art through the following methods...

Art Instruction Opportunities and Enjoyment for all ages; children, adolescence, adulthood and senior citizen's

  • through practical applications of diverse media and techniques in creating to understanding the nature of the profession

Art Exhibit Opportunities (free to the public)

  • Elementary School Art Exhibit
  • IF Elementary Schools k-6 grades; self-worth and integrations of art methods into other subjects
  • Bank of Idaho Youth Art Awards Competition: SE Idaho secondary schools 7-12 grades: Adolensence learn that art is just as competitive as any other subject and through public viewing and subjective interpretation determines the value of art
  • Helen Aupperle Senior High School Portfolio Scholarship Exhibit: Idaho Falls senior students exhibit five pieces of their work throughout their High School years for an opportunity of scholarship. This exhibit offers an artists experience in transitional years, such as what to expect in college and beyond high school exhibitions
  • Artist Membership (age 18 and beyond): continual learning and development of the Visual Fine Artist: Our Annual Shows: Spring Show; Photography Show(newest annual); Sidewalk Art Festival, and Hoilday Fair contribute to further development in active critque, networking and sales and cross promotions

Contributed to Visual Fine Art Cultural Development  and traditions of Idaho Falls

  • ERAG has supported and contributed to historical documents of  local artists for decades; by sustaining traditional venues such as our Sidewalk Art Festival for 60+ years, we have created an aesthetic promotion and appreciation of visual fine art and rich cultural value to our community.

Volunteered and assisted our services for other organization in the community to fulfill their mission

  •  ERAG has long participated in Dream Night at the Zoo which supports a delightful family evening for children with special needs.  Also we have participated in the Festival of Trees for funding support of the Developmental Workshop.

Recently, ERAG has moved the possessions into storage from our current rental facility to save and raise funds for a permanent facilty and initiate more sustainable programming in visual fine arts. ERAG has not yet owned a facility of our own, but has continued to contribute to our community with or without a building and will continue to find ways to acheive our traditional shows. However, much of this would be so easier if we could actually invest in a building from which to operate.

We would greatly appreciate your support and contribution in furthering our reach in the community, engagement of art education opportunities, and continue our long held history and tradition of visual fine art within the community of Idaho Falls and surrounding area!










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