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Despite the overall wealth of the Bay Area, 1 in 5 of its residents lives in poverty. Children have vastly different prospects and opportunity dependent upon the zip code in which they live. An African American child Born in West Oakland can expect to die almost fifteen years earlier than a white child born in the Oakland Hills. These social determinants of health combined with adverse childhood experiences such as abuse, neglect, household dysfunction create toxic stress and chronic exposure to trauma for many children.

To address these needs, East Bay Agency for Children delivers a comprehensive continuum of services focused on these three strategies.

Building Resiliency 
We deliver intervention services that help children and families protect themselves against long term harm from chronic exposure to adversity.

Aiding in Recovery 
We deliver intervention services that treat children exhibiting traumatic stress symptoms and emotional or behavioral disorders.

We deliver services that reduce the incidence of childhood adverse experiences.

East Bay Agency for Children has a long history providing community-based services that both serve as prevention and complementary recovery services to vulnerable children and families. EBAC brings great value in the cultural diversity and multi-language capacity of its staff, enabling successful engagement with children and families that may be otherwise disconnected. Programming is already embedded at schools, which are widely recognized as key strategic engagement locations. In terms of scale of clients served annually and breadth of service types amongst its continuum, EBAC has few rivals, providing real opportunity for transformational impact.

You will be a fantastic partner in giving children the chance for the success and happiness they deserve. 

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