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It is incumbent upon us to take care of those in need. It is our pride and joy to see them daily. But most importantly, we thrive on seeing the smiles on the faces of those who are unable to provide for themselves, no matter what the need.

Over the years we have been blessed to experience the vast array of stories told by our clients. We have saved over 20 lives and been there when they have taken their last breath. We have been the ones to find them in vulnerable conditions and even those that had already passed during the night.  

We watch them heal and we watch them hurt. We listen to their frustrations of aging and we delight in their triumphs. We know their families and share in the joys that come with birthdays, marriages and babies. We know these people and they are friends.

There is a different story for each friend we serve, but for the majority, isolation is one of the largest and most significant heartaches we face. Our community is predominately senior and seems to fit into two categories. Our winter friends that go north and leave others behind and spouses that have lost their significant other and are now dealing with life alone. Families/Children live far away and aren't able to visit often so they become recluse if they have some type of limitation.

Everyone of us knows someone who fits this storyline. Personally my father suffers from isolation and it hurts my heart terribly. With Meals on Wheels they are seen daily. They get to talk to someone different and make new friends.  They have been invited to holidays with our volunteers and even considered family by some. Our particular program delivers on holidays so even Thanksgiving and Christmas, someone comes to visit them. We give them birthday cards and goodies and let them know they are not forgotten.

Every single person deserves to age with dignity and respect. We see to it that we do our part to help them stay in their homes as long as they can! Help us continue our mission by supporting us with your financial donation. Feeding people is necessary, loving them is the option!

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