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When a two year old "Spina Bifida" patient started therapy at Easter Seals Northwest Alabama she could not crawl or traverse independently at all.  In spite of several set backs which included various infections, and a shunt revision that involved the relocation of a drainage tube within the skull;  she recently reached a milestone of walking independently.  Remember how proud you were when your child took their first step?  Multiply many times over how proud this little girl's Mother was when her little girl that had experienced so many difficulties started walking!  Would this miracle have happened without Easter Seals?  Maybe.  But very few places in North Alabama other than Easter Seals Northwest Alabama offers pediatric rehabilitation. 

Or, what about the homeless gentleman that had nothing.  He was living out of an old car.  Think of the things most of us take for granted; a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, a shower, clean clothes, money in our pockets, he had none.  But with the help of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and an Easter Seals Northwest Alabama Job Developer, this gentleman now has a job, an apartment, and a few changes of cloths.  Would this have happenend without Easter Seals Northwest Alabama?  Maybe.  But the fact remains that an Easter Seals Northwest Alabama Staff Member cared enough to help this man that had no where else to turn.  Now he is realizing the self worth of earning a paycheck and providing for himself.  These are just two of the inspiring stores that happen every day at Easter Seals Northwest Alabama. 

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