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Our beloved red foxes, Socks and Roxy, need your help. Last year’s harsh winter took a toll on their habitat resulting in the need to make immediate and unexpected repairs. In order to maintain their home for years to come while we continue with their care and training, we’re asking our members and friends to join us in our Give $15 for Foxes campaign! 

Please Support Socks and Roxy’s Care and Habitat. Donate Today!

During the winter months, Socks and Roxy's habitat serves as a storm shelter providing warmth and a quiet place to retreat. Every day, our wildlife keepers use this space to deliver separate, specialized meals (and sometimes medications) to the appropriate fox. Their habitat is also used as a training area, critical to maintaining a high quality of life and meeting their enrichment needs.

Socks arrived at the EcoTarium in 2010 at just 4 months of age after being hand-raised by humans. In a process known as imprinting, Socks’ time with people replaced appropriate socialization with other foxes, making it impossible for him to live in the wild. Because Socks is imprinted on people, he often comes up to the edge of the enclosure to greet you and “wags” his tail with excitement.

Socks shares his shelter with Roxy, our female fox who arrived to the EcoTarium from a rehabilitator in 2011 after a car accident. Our vets recommended removal of her still-painful injured leg. Now pain-free, Roxy can be seen happily zipping around on all threes.

Ever since Socks and Roxy made the EcoTarium their home, our members and guests have enjoyed visiting with them and learning about their lives through various programs. We take great care to provide a high quality of life for our foxes and we love to teach the public about the red fox population living in New England. Continuing their training and enrichment programs and maintaining their shelter will ensure that they continue to thrive for years to come. Be a part of their future; please give generously to Socks and Roxy today!

Your gift of $15 or more goes directly to Socks and Roxy’s care and upkeep of their habitat.

Share your fox photos and stories with us on Facebook, #15forfoxes @EcoTarium and check out our weekly Fox Friday posts!

The Worcester Natural History Society dba EcoTarium is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


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