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The Moment that Ushered in a 25-Year Ministry

Reflections by Vivian Koob, Executive Director and Co-Founder

In April 1983, I was sitting in the back row at a Life seminar with Dr. John and his wife Barbara Willke when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I had chosen my seat as close to the door as I could get—that was kind of my attitude about pro-life ministry at the time, too—and turned to see who wanted my attention. No one was there.

I faced forward again, riveted by the talk that the Willkes were giving and looking forward to the rest of the session. It wasn’t that I wasn’t pro-life—but I was an uninvolved, or a closet pro-lifer, in those days. My mother was involved in pro-life ministry, and watching her, I knew that it could become a passion. I felt the tap again and whipped my head around. No one was there.

It was then that I heard a voice, a quiet, calming but decisive voice saying: “This is the work I have called you to do.”

You need to understand: I usually recognize God’s voice when I hear it, and this was it; He had my full attention. From that moment on, I understood that God’s plan for me included ministry to the unborn at risk for abortion.


I emerged from that workshop and began volunteering at many community organizations supporting women and children. For a period of six years I had my finger in a lot of pies, until 1989 when, with the help of my church, my husband Steve and I opened a pregnancy center in a building in the Dayton

neighborhood of Five Oaks donated by Frank and Phyllis Dix for our use.  Although our beginning was as humble and modest as many of the lives we’ve seen rescued from the threat of abortion, Elizabeth’s New Life Center was born.


In 2014, Elizabeth’s New Life Center is celebrating 25 years of ministry. Over those years, we have experienced tremendous growth milestones and blessings, not to glorify ourselves but to rejoice over what God has used us to do in 25 years. He is the life-giver and all the glory and accomplishments of the past 25 years belong to Him!


Stronger Together!

In Christ,  Vivian




















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