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We believe that the smartest and dignifying way to end poverty is by providing the poor with the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Since 1985, we have helped individuals start more than 200,000 small businesses, who have in turn created so many more jobs in 37 different countries, helping to transform and enrich whole communities. 

Across the globe today, 2.8 billion people live in severe poverty, earning less than two U.S. dollars per day. This is a tragedy that foreign aid and handouts fail to solve. Poverty is the real problem of today, it kills more than all of the wars in the world today.

We have seen first-hand that, by investing in the enterprising poor, we can unlock the potential to transform the most impoverished communities in the world from the inside out.

End Poverty’s model is simple but powerful. We invest your donations directly into small businesses run by the enterprising poor in impoverished communities in the developing world. These donations are repaid and then recycled to other community members, multiplying the donation.

One such success is Henry, who is a hardworking farmer in a rural area.  He was able to feed his family, but not sustain a business, which made every day a challenge.  End Poverty, working through CAFECC, provided him an opportunity through a microfinance loan, business skills training, and Christian discipleship. We didn’t just give him a handout.  We gave him a hand up, which he now does for others.  Henry took our loan and grew his business enough that he was able to employ six vulnerable youth.  He believes that anything is possible for one who works hard, and he passes that message along to the young people he inspires. His business is now thriving. By utilizing the resources and knowledge that End Poverty and CAFECC have given him, Henry is pursuing his dream, using his God-given talents for His glory.  

Since 1985, We have been unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit that fills poverty-stricken areas in the developing world.

These individuals are not only providing food, clothing, and shelter for their families but they are also creating jobs for their neighbors.

Join us and help the enterprising poor pull themselves and their families out of poverty

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