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An estimated 10%-15% of all horses (over 1 million in the USA alone) will suffer from painful laminitis every year, with 80%-90% caused by metabolic disorders including Equine Cushing's Disease and Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

Proper diagnosis, diet, trim (and exercise, when appropriate) can provide these horses with a dramatically improved quality of life and can often prevent painful laminitis.

Unfortunately, the early warning signs of a horse prone to laminitis often go unnoticed.

The mission of the ECIR Group Inc. is to improve the welfare of equines with metabolic disorders via a unique interface between basic research and real-life clinical experience. Prevention of laminitis is the ultimate goal. The ECIR Group serves the scientific community, practicing clinicians, and owners by focusing on investigations most likely to quickly, immediately and significantly benefit the welfare of the horse.

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