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The Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse was formed through the dedication and commitment of Alabama members of The Exchange Club, a National Service Organization whose primary focus is child abuse prevention.  The first clients were able to start receiving services in 1987.  At that time, the Center was located in an office at Eastside Mental Health Center and the only program offered was the Parent Aide Program, an in-home visitation program.


In May of 1988, the Center merged with the local Parents Anonymous Chapter.  The merger brought about many new and dedicated Board Members, but most importantly, it led to the establishment of a new program, Positive Parenting Groups.


In the summer of 1992, the Center relocated to Oxmoor Road in Homewood.  With the new location and visibility, the volunteer base more than doubled.  In the fall of 1993, along with the assistance of a long time grantor, The Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama, the Center was able to move from a completely volunteer Parent Aide Program to one comprised of not only volunteers, but professional staff members as well.


The Exchange Club Center for the Prevention for Child Abuse of Jefferson County was incorporated in 1997, and in August 1998, began doing business as The Exchange Club Family Skills Center.  In July, 2002, the Center moved to an office building in Homewood.  In August 2007, the Center relocated to the historic Horton House, at 2300 10th Court South.


The Center currently has five individual programs offered.  The Parent Aide Program is a one-on-one in home parent education program.  The Parent Aide works with the family for a minimum of six months to one year providing education to the parent on strengthening the family and how to live a life free from abuse.  Positive Parenting Groups are offered 50 weeks out of the year.  These groups offer educational topics and provide support to meet the needs of current participants.  Anger Management Groups area 8 week program that focuses on recognizing and expressing anger appropriately, as well as communicating positively with others and problem solving.  Our Speakers Bureau provides educational programs to the community on the topics of child abuse, parenting and family strengthening.  The Parents as Teachers program is a nationally accredited program that educates parents with the appropriate developmental stages of a child.


The Center’s connections in the community are strong.  The Center receives referrals from many different sources including schools, churches, hospitals, social services agencies and the past program participants.  Numerous referrals are received from several Children’s Trust Fund Grantees, including Childcare Resources, Council for Children, Family & Child Services and the YWCA.  The Center has assisted CTF grantees in their efforts to develop or expand their child abuse prevention efforts including Children Can Sour/Family & Child Services, Council for Children, the Gathering Place and YWCA Domestic Violence Services.

The Exchange Club Family Skills Center offers the following programs FREE of charge:


∞ Parent Aide Program∞

A one-on-one 6 month to a year in-home based parent education program designed to strengthen families and develop positive parenting skills

∞Positive Parenting Program∞

Offers educational topics to enhance parenting skills as they relate to discipline, age appropriate expectations and other numerous topics throughout the year

∞Parents as Teachers (PAT)∞

Serves families throughout pregnancy until child turns three, designed to educate parents on early development and age appropriate expectations including language, social and motor skills


Other Programs Include:


∞ Anger Management∞

Fee Based eight weeks course designed to educate participants on how to understand, control, manage and express anger appropriately

∞Speakers Bureau∞

Fee Based service that provides educational seminars and training to the community on the topics of Child Abuse Prevention, positive parenting and life skills


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