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Express H.O.M.E. Program originated in Maywood, Illinois in 1988, gaining our non-profit status in 1991.  We started out helping the homeless throughout Illinois, mainly in  Chicago, providing special services, programs and projects to various homeless transitional shelters.  In 1990, we opened our own shelter. We started out working with only domestic violence victims, women and children. We developed and implemented programs that would help and encourage them to find employment and permanent housing.  Even though we hosted many budgeting classes with our residences, the acronym for H.O.M.E.  stood for Helping Obtain and Maintain Employment.  Our hopes were to assist  the homeless in finding jobs, being able to give them the tools to keep those jobs and encourage them to pay their bills to help them to avoid being homeless again.

After 10 years, we realized the education was coming too late in life. We realized that we needed to start with educating our youth. By giving our high school students the tools and education needed to affect change, we gave them an opportunity to avoid homelessness. It was then that our board voted to re-evaluate our priorities and focus more on education and leadership for high school students.

In 2000, Express H.O.M.E. Program relocated to Georgia where we no longer provide direct services to the homeless.  We are able to help more people by developing and implementing programs through collaborations and contractual agreements to other non-profits and faith base organizations as needed.

Today our priority is youth development and H.O.M.E. now stands for Helping Others Magnify Education.   We develop, implement and provide several educational programs to individual students, families, groups or entire  communities.  We take pride in all of our  programs. Our focus right now is on our leadership programs, which coordinates the Black Youth Heritage Expo and the Special Job Readiness Training Program for teens with learning disabilities, and our collaboration with Boggs Rural Life Center's (BLRC) African-American Research Library. Through our collaboration with BLRC,  we have had the pleasure of developing and coordinating every program, including their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Writing Workshops, Juneteenth Celebration and many more services at the BLRC campus. 

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