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Mission Lumunos helps you explore, discern and act on your many gifts and calls in the complexity of life for the good of God’s world.  Company Overview A501(c)3 non-profit founded in 1956 as Faith At Work. Description We encourage you to live your call in your every day lives for the good of God's world, through articles, resources, retreats, and events. General Information Lumunos offers mini-retreats, workplace retreats, publications and free resources.  Lumunos will work with your church through a short and affordable retreat called "Light for Your Journey" designed to help people serve and work from a clearer sense of God's Call.

Lumunos has begun a new program with faith-based hospitals to enable physicians to care for themselves and find joy in their work once again as they seek to better serve their patients. This program can be structured for any workplace. We will also work with any company on wellness and helping them reconnect with their core values.

Our program "Over 60" is known for its workbooks on Looking Back, Giving Forward. 

Please check our website for other resources. 

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