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In a world where inequality is growing, some are winning big while many still suffer. Faith In Action helps to find solutions to the region's biggest problems by bringing together people, organizations, and communities, so that every person in the Bay Area - regardless of race, gender, or origin - can live with dignity and opportunity.

We do this by training the very people who are affected by social problems - immigrants, low-income people, those who were formerly incarcerated - to make social change

Our public systems are pulled in many directions and often only hear the voices of those most resourced. Every day people can get drowned out but they often have the solutions we are looking for to solve our crisis of inequality. Faith In Action brings those people to the table, through leadership development, voting, and public action.

In the past year, Faith In Action has trained grassroots community leaders to 

  • Save dozens of parents with US-born children from deportation
  • Assist thousands of immigrants to prepare for the President's deferred action program
  • Prevent the displacement of working families and seniors from the region due to extreme housing costs
  • Create pathways for new affordable housing construction
  • Helped people take advantage of opportunities to change their felony convictions to misdemeanors
  • Hold San Francisco Police Department and criminal justice system accountable for police shootings of several young men of color

With your support this year we plan to train hundreds of people who will engage 20,000 others - particularly those who are less civically engaged.

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