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Every family has a story... begin your journey!

Our story began in 1977 out of a desire to help struggling families.  Family Care Services (FCS) is nothing but an organization of people who strive to improve the lives of others.  We are driven to do the work that we do and would probably not be happy doing anything else. 

The purpose of FCS is to provide supportive, community based, family placements for children and adults who are not able to live with their own families.  In addition to placement, we also provide services that lead to a permanent living arrangement for children in the child welfare system. 

Foster care and adoption is not for the faint of heart.  It is, however, by far the most rewarding and important work that many families will ever do, and it is our job to provide support to these families and the hurting children they care for.  It is not always easy to care for children who have been abused or neglected, but the challenges and struggles are worth it to see the hope and healing that can come into a child's life. 

We work hard to ensure that children are safe, loved, and have their needs met.  This means providing support, training, and guidance to their foster and adoptive families.  It means coordinating with various community agencies to obtain medical, developmental, or mental health services.  It means facilitating and supervising contact and visits with birth family.  And it means preparing children to reunify with their birth family when possible or preparing them to be adopted into another family.  This is what we do.  This is our daily story.    

Our fundraising efforts focus on our adoption and permanency program.  Every child deserves a permanent family, and there are often dire consequences for those who leave foster care without one.  Many youth who "age out" of foster care will struggle with homelessness, mental health issues, legal issues, and many will never finish high school.  This is why adoption and permanency are so important!  Children who are adopted or have some type of legal permanent connections grow up with more hope and have a much greater likelihood of succeeding in the challenges of life!      

We receive some funding from the state, but it is not sufficient to cover the adoption and permanency work that we do.  Therefore, it is our hope to invite the community and those who believe in the benefits of adoption to invest in this work and experience the satisfaction that comes with knowing you're making a life-long impact in the lives of children, families, and communities.   

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