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Families face homelessness for many reasons and they often need a hand to help lift them out of defeat into hope.

Family Promise helps families address both the external circumstances and the personal choices that have led to homelessness as they work back toward greater independence and stability.

Family Promise responds to the needs of homeless families through an integrated approach.  Basic needs are met to help families have the capacity to focus on their futures.  Local congregations provide shelter and the evening meal each day, and families are able to shower, do laundry, use the computer and take care of other family needs at our day center.  Staff members work with parents to put goals in place and then to provide accountability and support as parents make progress on goals each week.  Employment and budgeting are emphasized.  Education on financial literacy, parenting, and other essential life skills is provided.  Community partners are engaged.

The objective is for families to leave the shelter component of Family Promise when they are able to move into their own home; continued aftercare case management is in place to help promote long-term stability.

Family Promise is seeking to expand it's regular giving base so that we can implement additional services while diversifying away from a funding stream concentrated on grants.  One simple way to help is to signup to donate $25 per month.

What can $25 do?

  • Create access to opportunity: Cost of one monthly bus pass = $25
  • Open doors for affordable housing: Cost of one Texas birth certificate = $25
  • Promote employability: Cost of steel-toed work boots = approx. $25
  • Protect volunteers: Cost of pre-program drug screen = $25
  • Provide Day Center for families: Cost of utilities, insurance, supplies, etc… for one day = $28

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