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"...I would not have thought that our family would need support, and now I have learned that ALL types of families are better with this family and parenting support."

Don't let our name fool you!  We are not just a school, but rather a community built around the importance of early childhood development and core family values.  One of the most special things about The Family School is its focus on diversity, respect and communication!  Our students and families look like the world around us!  There is great diversity throughout our entire school, ranging from income, family, learning, behavioral and ethnic diversity!   

We attend to the needs of the whole child, addressing academic, behavioral and social-emotional strengths and challenges for each child.  While not all of our students require atypical education plans, if needed, children and families will find on-site, comprehensive special education, play therapy and individualized programs.  At The Family School all children benefit from seeing how adults help each individual student and all students help and learn from each other.  As one parent commented, "the focus on inclusion and kindness to others has really helped to foster a sense of community and self/respect/self esteem."

Because we know that early childhood is a time to strengthen entire families, we say that we enroll not just children but whole families. Family strengthening programs and family events are part of enrollment at The Family School.  For those who wish it, individual meetings or consultations about parenting issues are included in enrollment.  Some of the feedback that we have received regarding this practice is truly inspiring and gives our organization the strength to continue on for these families:

"Being able to have an example to use to parent has helped so much."

"...I have learned so much by watching the way [the teacher] deals with kids - gentle, firm, loving and consistent."

"We will benefit for the rest of our lives.  It is why we are good parents and have survived (our) special needs kids."

"The 'tools' I've learned at the Family School have been invaluable as a parent. I don't know what I would have done without the teachers and staff at TFS."

"Self confidence and willing to take social risks with friends and teachers...TFS taught us to be involved with our child's educational needs and social needs.  Education is a family issue not just a child's task, and TFS taught this to us!"

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