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Dear Friends of Family Service of Racine,

We would like to introduce you to one of our clients, "John Smith”. John is a military veteran who lived a very happy and productive life with his wife and 4-year-old    daughter.  He had a great job and a beautiful home in Racine.  

Several years ago, a drunk driver crashed into John’s wife’s car, killing her and their daughter instantly upon impact.  John was devastated; he has never been the same since.  He couldn’t go back to work; he lost his home; and he completely withdrew from his friends and family, as well as from society as a whole.

About a year ago, John came to Family Service of Racine-- lost, alone and suicidal. Although he is now homeless, John is one of the proudest men we at FSR have ever met.  He has no  money, yet he refuses to accept free counseling, insisting instead on paying something for every visit, even if it is a handful of change. I wish this was a fictional depiction of a make-believe person, but, unfortunately, it is not.  

Although “John” is not his real name, he and his story are 100% true.  John serves as a real-life example of the clients we serve at FSR every day.  Because of the generosity of individual contributors like you, FSR is able  to provide services to John to restore his hope and self-reliance and to allow him to become once again a functioning individual in our community.

For more than a century, Family Service of Racine has been serving our community with numerous well needed counseling and support programs. At Family Service of Racine we continue to “Believe in Families” as we realize that family is the cornerstone of everyone’s lives.  

Your support allows us to continue our mission to provide the highest quality of mental wellness services to Racine County residents, regardless of their ability to afford services.  Please help us continue our good work by making a donation today!

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