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Over the last 44 years, we have assisted 10,000 families address the underlying issues that resulted in their crisis of homelessness through providing safe housing in private apartment units along with supportive case management services. We work to end homelessness, one family at a time.


"I have worked with several non-profit and public agencies and have found Family HomeStead to be one of the best. They have a high success rate of getting homeless families back on their feet, employed, and in their own homes. Their success, I believe, is due to the effective process they have developed for families to regain their self-sufficiency and the dedication and professionalism of the limited staff they have. I continually marvel at what they are accomplishing..." William Adcock, Ph D., Environmental Advisor (Ret), Shell Oil Company, Lift-A-Hammer Workday Volunteer Supervisor

"This commitment to seeking the strengths of individual families, even those in the most difficult of circumstances, and building on those strengths, is, in my opinion, one of the keys to Family HomeStead's success." Janet B. Manning, Community Volunteer, "Founding Mother" of HomeSteaders Auxiliary.

"If all organizations in Denver could accomplish as much as this organization does with the resources they have, and if more organizations were to apply their common sense approach to fighting the root causes of homelessness, there would be a lot less homeless families in Denver." John R. Keller, Manager, Mid Continent Asset Group, Whiting Petroleum Corporation,Retired Lift-A-Hammer Supervisor

One client mom summarized the importance of her Family HomeStead experience this way: "When you're in a shelter, all your thoughts are focused on finding another place to live." After she moved into Family HomeStead housing she said, "It meant everything to me. In the shelter we were isolated in a room. Here we have our own space and privacy. Danielle (her daughter) is much happier. When I got here I had the energy to continue my education."

Another client had this to say: "I became homeless...due to a layoff. My daughter and myself have been in motels, shelters and various homes of friends. Since we moved into our apartment at Family HomeStead my daughter actually says, 'I want to go home.'"

Mark, a father of three, summed up his experience with Family HomeStead with these words: "We just needed some time to get back on our feet. Family HomeStead was a helping hand that gave us some breathing room." "Family is everything to us," wife Ruth added. "Family HomeStead allowed us to stay together and provided some consistency to our lives."

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Family HomeStead

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Denver Emergency Housing Coalition

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