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I am Ms. Aasia Gale Stormm, CEO of Feed My Sheep Outreach Inc. My life's work is built around my desire to help those who need my help. I lived my youth needing to help people who need my help because I lost taste for food when I realized how many others are starving while I overeat. It is a miserable life to live when you are already suffering and on top of this, you can't cover your basic needs; So I Help! 

I get my joy and fulfillment watching hurting, lonely, helpless, and lost people smile because of something I did for or with them. I find it invigorating, and I hope your reason for reading this page is that you feel the same, because there is nothing quite as beautiful as a Cheerful Giver. 

Here at Feed My Sheep Outreach, we work to serve those who struggle harshly. We insist on lightening their burdens. Our outreach is moving mainly toward Families of Murdered Loved ones who find themselves on hard times after tragedy. We will deliver amazing baskets, meals, and so much more. 

We are restructuring how we serve a hurting, struggling people who have experienced the unthinkable, to not only give them a meal or a handout but to raise their esteem and joy as we serve them, so yes, we are partnering with several professionals, such as Barbers, Beauty Schools and salons, esteem coaches, life coaches, and more, but we are also providing survival kits. Please visit our website to watch our progress. 

We are beginning a new movement to help homeless people right where they are. Not just by bringing them a much needed meal; of course that, but to bring them the tools they need to purchase their own meals. I have designed the most magnificent kits to provide toileting, portable showers, stoves, electric coolers and the like and especially portable generators to run the whole lot. Ask me about it, but give openly and cheerfully to help us provide these kits...

Thank You for Supporting Our Cause💜 

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