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FJC's mission is to: Increase and maximize the impact of charitable dollars; create innovative philanthropic solutions; and, respond effectively to the needs and interests of donors, charities, borrowers and other clients.


FJC accepts contributions of cash, securities, restricted stock, real estate and other assets. It provides a variety of investments in which the funds can be placed at the donor's recommendation. The funds grow tax free in the donor account. FJC then responds to donor recommendations for grants as small as $180 to charities. In its transmittal FJC notes that grants are made at the recommendation of the donor. FJC has a unique Agency Loan Program which makes guaranteed loans to charities to assist them in their operations. These loans are made at market rates of interest. Income from these loans are credited to our donors' accounts for distribution to other charities. FJC also administers a fiscal sponorship program as well as other philanthropic services

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