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The Fontana Rehabilitation Workshop (FRW) dba Industrial Support Systems (ISS) is pleased to offer a variety of services that empowers adults with disabilities to succeed a lifestyle of independence.  ISS is committed to maintaining a stable environment wherein people with disabilities are provided with those services and supports that enable them to overcome barriers to employment and empower them to maximize their employment potential.

This is accomplished by providing our clients & consumers with the skills to become productive employees. These Community Employment Services such as employment supports, job development, employment planning services, and organizational employment services. In addition our vocational/workshops consist of work training opportunities in assembly, packaging, labeling, sorting, and palletizing. These services are provided in both center bases and community environments. Our goal is to provide realistic employment experience to program participants while emphasizing vocational skill development and job exploration which will enable our consumers to develop positive work ethics and enable all successful individuals to progress in to the competitive labor market. 

Due to the continued reduction in fees for program services, that is provided through the California State budget, ISS has had to work with limited resources for training our clients/consumers. Unfortunately making it challenging and a disadvantage in providing our clients/consumers with the skills they need to be; as independent as possible in their employment. Please join us in our efforts to enhance and empower our vision. While many Americans believe in the idea of the American Dream, they often do not see the positive impact its support has on the daily lives of adults with disabilities.   Your donation will assist our Vocational Program and Employment Services that provide our consumers a competitive edge for employment.

These services consist of job development, employment planning and organizational employment just to name a few.  Although most believe our programs are funded by the State of California that just isn’t the reality. Our Community Partners are an extremely important part of ISS progression as we move forward with the organizations core mission of its commitment to maintaining a stable environment. Wherein individuals with disabilities are provided with those services that support and enable them to overcome barriers to employment, while empower them to maximize their employment potential.



“Achieve Independence



In a continuous effort for ISS to stay a leading organization who is dedicated and committed to improving the quality of life that we provide to our clients/consumers. It is with gracious appreciation that we continue to receive funding that supports ISS goals, mission, and vision.  Every individual should be provided the opportunity to achieve. 


  “Cant isn't part of our vocabulary. The ability to do is in all of us.”

Disability = Ability


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