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Give the Gift of Financial Education that works 

The FoolProof Foundation creates a more equitable future through real financial education

FoolProof provides industry leading financial literacy and life skills curricula tailored for middle school, high school, and adult learners. Through an interactive and online modality, programs are designed to allows the smallest school, the least-funded group of volunteers, or the least-educated consumer the opportunity to learn truly meaningful life skills entirely for free.

FoolProof in action at Ariel Academy, Chicago

A unique approach to financial education:

Because the other major resources are largely funded and shaped by businesses that profit when consumers make money mistakes, FoolProof  goes beyond rote financial skills to teach what other's can't:  providing content for free, commercial free, and free of outside interests. 

Because of this we are the only financial literacy resource in the world  endorsed by these groups: 

  • The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
  • The National Association of Consumer Advocates 
  • The Consumer Federation of America
  • Public Citizen

And  FoolProof Education works: 

A study of 288,252 FoolProof students found that concept knowledge increased from a baseline 48.5% to a promising 84.6% after using FoolProof. That's the equivalent of an "F" grade average rising to a "B"! 

We’re a small foundation with a BIG impact:
Over 640,000 students and hundreds of thousands of adults have improved their financial wellbeing through FoolProof education. Over 8,000 schools are registered for our curriculums right now. 

Free financial education is an important way to reduce economic inequality . But we need your help to reach more underserved people and communities and create a more equitable future. 

To learn for free, commercial free, and free of any hidden agendas, FoolProof relies on the support of generous donors like you.

Your support can make a difference!

With your support, we can continue to bridge the economic divide that pulls apart so many community members and empower more individuals with the resources needed to make the right financial decisions for life. 

Will you provide the gift of financial education that works this Giving Tuesday?

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We are FoolProof. Will you help others be, too? 

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