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When kids can't be with their parents, they should stay with their family.   

A great-aunt takes in six young children after their mother is murdered. Grandparents take in their two teenage grandchildren after their son passed away. An uncle adopts his seven-year-old nephew after his parents had their rights terminated due to drug use and child neglect.

Every day in Nevada, relatives are stepping in to raise vulnerable children when their parents are unable or unwilling to parent.

A donation to Foster Kinship today helps them "keep home in the family" for the over 10,000 and growing kids in our program!

Foster Kinship helps the children by supporting the whole kinship family. We provide navigation services and child welfare training to strengthen kinship caregivers’ capacity to provide safe, permanent and nurturing homes for children.

Foster Kinship helps keep HOME in the FAMILY.


  • Our first goal is to build a foundation of safety for children by meeting the immediate needs of the kinship family.
  • Our second goal is to provide the most permanent home for children by stabilizing the kinship family.
  • Our final goal is to meet the well-being needs of children by increasing caregivers’ capacity. 


Foster Kinship’s programs are designed to meet goals through the following objectives:

Legal Status: Families are given tools to increase the stability of the placement through legal means such as guardianship. 

Financial Resources: Families are assisted with applications for financial support and may be eligible for a small amount of cash assistance from Foster Kinship.

Community Connection: Families are connected with resources, including transportation, to increase knowledge of and access to supportive programs.

Emotional Support: Families have access to free support groups, caregiver education classes, and family events with other kinship families.

We empower kinship families by equipping them with the information and resources they need to make the best decisions for their family. Empowered kinship caregivers have increased the capability to ensure short and long-term success for the children in their homes.

A tax-deductible donation to Foster Kinship helps us with our mission: to help those who "keep home in the family" for some of Clark County's most vulnerable children.

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